Archive | January 2013

A couple great news.

This is a somewhat outdated news but I’m happy to announce that our proposal for track inĀ Retrieval of Objects Captured with Low-Cost Depth-Sensing CamerasĀ has been accepted in the Shape Retrieval Contest (SHREC) 2013!

I will soon publish a link to the webpage with further information about the event and the track.

Also after completing capturing the Dataset two days ago, along with Daniel Magarreiro and Marcus Gomes, I just finished cropping and editing the meshes into their final forms. I’ve been using both Netfabb and Remesh for this task.

Now I’m only left with centering the models and testing in bulk to make sure nothing is wrong. Also, I still need to export the meshes in .ply and .off file formats.

But now I can finally start with the user tests. The final dataset will comprise of 192 objects, considering that 32 were rejected due to material incompatibilty or just poor model reconstruction.