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I will yet try to use Arduino servos if this solution proves too rugged or ineffective. That way I can exert control over the speed and power the device through a USB port.


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BSc in Information Systems and Computer Engineering by Instituto Superior Técnico. (2011)

2 responses to “Subject is related”

  1. Alfredo Ferreira says :

    If you only want to do is to control the speed of the dc motor, you do not need an Arduino. That’s like using a bazooka to kill a mosquito 😉 A simple potentiometer (a.k.a variable resistor) should be enough for the job. Unless, of course, you want to make it computer/sensor-based control or do it just for fun 🙂

  2. joaoprmachado says :

    Your comment was marked as spam and I only managed to notice it today. I’ll have to be aware of that fact in the future.

    I found an old stash of Lego Technic parts a few days later. It was a very small stash but included a dc motor in it so I decided to get a little creative with that, and I built a small frame that hopefully will be suited for the task. I still have a couple potentiometers from an old guitar I can use to control the power. The only problem is I’m still not sure if it has enough torque to spin heavier objects.

    The arduino solution is something i’ve been trying to get on for almost a year now, and giving its flexibility for a numerous amount of diverse projects, could be a nice investment. But I agree it’s overkill.

    Also, it may even prove more effective without any kind of base, i.e. just using a hand to rotate the object. But I’ll only have a better feel for that in a few days, hopefully.

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